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Dialup Services No Longer Available

Internet Access Dialup Services
Are you paying too much for your dialup Internet Access?  Is there a limit on your hours?  Do you have nation-wide access?  Are you tired of annoying pop-up ads?

Compare Sandune Data Systems "Sandune Net Dialup Internet Access" features to any other internet service provider's dialup service.
We give you quality dialup internet access at a price that beats ALL.

Sandune Net Internet Access features:
  • Unlimited Hours
  • Local Dialup Numbers
  • Nation-Wide Access
  • No Annoying Pop-ups
  • No Contract / Committment
  • Best Rates Available
  • Monthly Billing or Prepaid Plans

Sandune Net's Nationwide Local Access Numbers:
  • Insert Lookup Routine Here
Internet Access Plans & Costs
  • $12.95/month when billed monthly
  • $11.95/month with 6 month prepay
Free Access for Referrals
  • One month free access for each referral who signs up
  • Or one month credit on next prepay