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Welcome to Sandune Data Systems' Sandune Net - A Leader in Web Hosting and Internet Services. If all you need is Internet Access, compare our service and prices. For your business web sites choose the Sandune Net Managed Server System and its multiple OC fiber optic connectivity to host your Internet presence like so many other businesses worldwide. Each month, new customers choose Sandune Net. Why? Because Sandune Net offers the most flexible web hosting plans and most profitable reseller program in the industry. Managed & Dedicated clients benefit from the powerful web site hosting solutions and support provided by Sandune Net. Whether you prefer Linux Hosting / Unix Hosting, Windows Hosting or Colocation, turn to Sandune Net.

Our Customers Benefit From Industrial Strength Infrastructure

  • Nation-wide Internet Dialup Access
  • Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity
  • Multiple backbones: UUnet, AT&T, Sprint, Cwix
  • Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
  • Cisco 7000 series routers & switches
  • Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers
  • SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
  • AIT NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol
  • 93,000 sq. ft. data center
  • Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect your data
With our Service Plans and Prices, we offer unmatched performance and value. We invite comparison. Our Reseller Web Hosting Program has been Rated #1 in the Industry by Ratehosts, Net Computing and Fast Reseller. We guarantee anonymity and provide marketing assistance. Capitalize on our FREE Shopping Cart, marketing and sales assistance. We are continuously developing new technologies and launching value-added solutions for our customers and resellers, like our industry-first I-MHIP platform, to maximize your competitive advantage.

We strive to make your web presence a business success and support customers from over 137 countries. Sandune Net is customer centric and committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and performance to the customer - everything else is secondary. Our reputation as an industry leader is superb. In short - we want to be your web hosting partner and are prepared to prove it day after day, in this new, fast-paced, and exciting era of the Internet.