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Web Site Design & Development         Sandune Data Systems can help you design and develop a web site.   However, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first - so you have some answers before you ask for help.

1. Why do you want a Web Site?   Because it's cool?   Because everyone else has one?   Because you have a specific message you want to convey to the world?   Because you want to teach others how to do something?   Because you want to sell something?
2. Will this site have an overall theme?   Do you have a logo, design or color scheme in mind that can be used to tie the site together?
3. Who is your target audience?   A particular group, such a members of an organization?   People who share a common interest which is the subject/theme of the site?   Anyone who dares get on the web?   Someone who is looking for specific products or services?
4. What kind of services will this site provide and what kind of enhancements will be needed?   A catalog or other data look-up service?   A chatroom?   A shopping cart and secure payment services?   Customer support?   Auto-response emails?

        By no stretch of the imagination are the questions above anything approaching a complete list of what you need to think about.   But use them as a springboard to get the creative juices flowing and some ideas down on paper.   That way, by the time you ask for help, you've got some idea of what you want.

Search Engine Positioning
        Don't Get Lost on the Web!   Search engine positioning should be an integral part of web site design in order to give your site maximum exposure.   However, many web sites get lost because the designer either made basic site design mistakes or just didn't know how to maximize the site's visibility to search engines, or both.   Internet search engines (Yahoo, Google, Lycos, Ask Jeaves, etc.) look for certain things to rank hits during the search.   It is important that the web designer maximize the attention that your site gets from the search engines.   Sandune Data Systems designs web sites to maxmize their exposure to the search engines.
        Improve Your Visibility on the Web!   Sandune Data Systems can evaluate your site for improved web site visibility.

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