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Web Site Design
        Do you need a presence on the Web?   Do you need help getting your web site set up?   Do you need a web page or a complete e-commerce web site?   Do you know how to make sure that your site stands out from the rest so that internet surfers can find you?   Sandune Data Systems can help you design and develop whatever you need and then help you make sure that your site stands out from the rest.   Plus, Sandune Data Systems' Sandune Net provides complete web hosting services.
Web Site Hosting
        Are you already on the web?   Are you paying too much for web hosting services, or getting too little service for what you're paying?   Compare Sandune Data Systems' Sandune Net Web Hosting Services for cost, completeness, and service.
Search Engine Positioning
        Are you lost on the web?   Are you getting the web traffic you expected or should be getting?   There are thousands of web sites that are not getting the traffic they should be getting because of fundamental web site design mistakes.   In addition, there are changes that can be made to increase the traffic to your site and make it show up on the search engines.   Sandune Data Systems can provide design and search engine positioning services to make your site more visible and improve your presence on the web.

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